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Sir Alex gone - A chance for Moyes to make his name?

Today sees the news that Sir Alex Ferguson will retire from his post as manager of Manchester United. We will look at the possibilty that our manager David Moyes may be offered the chance to replace his fellow Scot at the helm at Old Trafford.

Laurence Griffiths

I'm sitting here writing this article almost with flashes of deja vu. The moment Moyes said in his regular press conferences "I will wait and see where we are at the end of the season", we have to be honest, he knew, there may be a possibility that, his good friend and fellow Glaswegian, may not be continuing his 26-year reign past this season. We had a feeling, that sinking feeling, when Moyes refused to state his future, he has never done this before.

Some of the main reasons I feel that the powers-that-be at United won't look any further than Moyes are as follows. The like-for-likeness if you will, between both Sir Alex and David Moyes is uncanny. David shares Sir Alex's stubbornness, he shares his eye for a good player, he shares his tactical prowess (albeit without the same team quality), and above all the main thing he shares is his ethics, which in football is crucial.

My next theory, behind why I think Moyes will be offered the job is simple. Sir Alex has retired from management but not from the club by a long, long shot. He is now going to be the Managing Director, almost taking the place of the not-long-gone David Gill. This means that every single decision to do with the football club will go through Sir Alex from here on and his opinion will not be ignored. This for me is why I think he will chose Moyes. David doesn't have this outstanding ego that Jose Mourinho has.

There are many reasons behind why I think Moyes is certain to get the job and none is more important than this. David Moyes, although he may not have had the opportunity to show it as yet, is cut from the same cloth as the two of the best managers to have had the job at Old Trafford. They are, of course Sir Alex and also Sir Matt Busby. They started at the very bottom of Scottish football, and worked their way into the ranks of the English league/s. They are country men and have almost the same ethics even from the early days. They are no-nonsense, straightforward operators, who have that mastermind to work with a team for over 10-20 years, to build the future of a club, ready for the next manager to pick up the baton.

Moyes has shown the long term stability, needed for a job such as the one at United. He has proven he can work with the smallest of coffers and still get results, this will be a key highlight for the Glazers.

One of the few reasons, however, I could see Moyes not being offered the job is this. Is David Moyes the global name that will promote the brand? Personally, I think Jose Mourinho is more to that calibre, but how much of a say the Glazers will get is yet to be seen. Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Borussia Dortmund, has also been linked with the job at Old Trafford. He has taken his BVB team to a Champions League final, under similar financial constraints while playing very eye-catching football. Klopp also shares a good skill with David Moyes in that he has built his team on a strong youth setup, bringing players such as Reus, Gotze and Gundogan through into the first team.

If David Moyes was to get the Manchester United job then who would replace him at Everton? My guess is Alan Stubbs. Let's hear your thoughts in the comments.

Good luck to David if he gets the job, he has given us 12 stable years at, mostly, the top end of English football, and for that we should all be grateful.