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Everton Manager Candidates: Vítor Pereira

The next addition to our series, Vítor Pereira and his chances of becoming the next Everton boss.

Valerio Pennicino

The 44 year old Portugese manager, who is currently the boss at Porto, has failed to get away from the strong links to the Everton job. Vítor Pereira has been boss at Porto since 2011 and has never failed to prove his squad's worth. In recent years, however, he has been thrown with similar difficulties David Moyes faced during his tenure, in that his biggest players of his squad have been sold to try to even up the books.

As has been the case at Everton for some time now, Vítor Pereira has been faced with a "Moneyball" situation, whereby he has had to make success on very little funds. Even before Pereira, money was tight at Porto, but still in the past decade they have managed to win 8 of their domestic titles, whilst also winning the Europa league twice and the Champions League in Mourinho's final year. Since taking over from André Villas-Boas in 2011, however, Pereira has been a stable acquisition. But like his predecessors, he may be attracted to the big lights of the Premier league this summer.

FC Porto have a 'thing' about appointing managers from within their club and then them going on to be a European success (i.e Mourinho and AVB). The managers that have come through the club seem to have this spark about them that other managers have not been able to replicate. They keep their heads down whilst in the background at the club, either as kit man or fitness coach, then they take their chance at the top and take it with both hands and move on to bigger and better coaching gigs in Europe (usually England). As others that have gone before, will this advertise to Pereira's fancy?

Midway through their season, FC Porto slumped out of the Champions League miserably. After beating the likes of PSG in the group stage, they fell to defeat over two legs against Malaga. This wasn't recieved well by the FC Porto fans who felt they had seen enough, and started to ask questions of the man at the helm. It was always going to be a very hard task to build on the success AVB left the club with (a treble) and then try to find the 40+ goals that Falcao had scored before he was sold to Athletico Madrid. But again, in the fashion of Josè Mourinho and AVB, he has turned things around so much so that he has managed his team to the Primeira title this season. For such a small budget and not the greatest squad, lifting the title (arguably) has to be seen as the most miraculous achievement so far.

If he doesn't fit the Bill (excuse the pun...again), at Everton I honestly don't know what will, his outstanding success this year surely has to be more desirable than that of an internal appointment at Everton. This, for me, is out best option. Yes he may cost a bit of money, but he certainly won't expect anything to the degree Moyes was on (salary-wise) and he has a whole wealth of experience and contacts from working in an around one of the best managers in the world, in Mourinho and a handy predecessor in AVB. He has bided his time, and taken in the tactics of a winning team and how to preform under financial constraints whilst not having the best of squads. I literally couldn't ask for more in a manager. Kenwright get your checkbook out and give this guy a contract!