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Oh Davy Moyes!

Today, Friday 5th April, Saw manager of the blues, David Moyes receive his 10th Premier league manager of the month award.

Jan Kruger

David Moyes continued to prove his worth as one of the top managers in the footballing world today, after he was awarded his 10th Premier League Manager of the Month award. Only two managers have exceeded this superb achievement, Arsene Wenger 12 and Sir Alex Ferguson with 27. The award only strengthens my opinion that David is the correct and only manager I would have at Everton in this current financial situation we are finding ourselves in.

I maintained the opinion throughout our rough spell against Wigan, that it has taken the best part of 11 years for Moyes to get us to were we are now, if he was to leave in the summer I really can not see myself or many others giving another manager that length of time to achieve results. I also believe that it isn't the manager that needs to change, its the person with, or in our case without, the money. Moyes has achieved the most unexpected of progression over his time at Everton and in my opinion our season long consistent push to achieve European football proves that the progression continues.

At the end of this season sees Moyes' contract run to its end, a lot has been said about his decision to wait until the end of the season before deciding upon siging a new contract, or seeing his sad departure from Everton. I have a theory that he is doing this for two reasons. Firstly, I believe, as he said in one of his first press conferences regarding his contract, he still expects the best from all his players and stated "It will not affect the players", I disagree with what he stated as I think it will affect them but in a positive manner. Players such as Phil Neville, Phil Jagielka, Leighton Baines, Leon Osman and Tony Hibbert who have all got the club through their blood will do their utmost to spark the rest of the squad into a final push to claim either a Champions League place or the one and only Europa Cup place. This for me would seal another contract at the club for Moyes, but maybe not just that fact alone, the money is crucial, which brings me to my second part of my theory. I truly believe that should Moyes, either be promised a substancial amount of money to spend for the next couple of transfer periods or be able to see a forthcoming financial takeover at the club, one of which I think will happen, will most certainly see him stay at Goodison. I honestly couldn't imagine Everton without him.

David's tactics have sometimes been questioned, admittedly on occasions by myself, but I think on the whole his tactics have been, along with crucial players, the lift in our progression. This weekend he has yet more decisions to make, with Fellaini serving his second and final match ban, Steven Pienaar on his second of a three game ban and a doubt raised over Kevin Mirallas approaching Sunday's game against Tottenham at White Hart Lane.

Finally, I think we as fans hold a say in Moyes' future. The part we hold and the only part we can do with effect is getting behind him and singing his name, making him see how much we value him. We aren't fans to leave our players or managers short of praise and I think this award certainly is worthy of his infamous song "Oh Davy Moyes" at the game on Sunday.