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Everton v. Wigan Recap: Burn It Down, All Of It

This season's been slipping out of grasp since the January transfer window. Saturday against Wigan marked the unofficial end to this season for Everton.

Alex Livesey

There have been a lot of thoughts about booing the players after poor performances, but anyone who says you shouldn't boo after a match like this should just sit down and shut up. Utter disgrace from the top down, but I'm putting 95% of my ire at the players on this one. This was a full strength squad minus Darron Gibson, Phil Jagielka and Tim Howard, no reason they shouldn't have been able to see this out.

First Half Thoughts

The Wigan goals in the first half are on the players plain and simple. Anyone trying to blame David Moyes for the goals directly is nuts. A breakdown on set piece, not concentrating on the second, and not closing space on the third are all on the players.

That said, Moyes needed to adjust down our right flank and didn't in the first half. That caused a lot of problems, but we still shouldn't have given up all three goals. The switching back and forth between Kevin Mirallas and Steven Pienaar on the right did nothing, and this has only cemented my thoughts about needing to buy a proper right sided player to pair with Seamus Coleman. Either a right back and push Coleman up the pitch, or a right mid to help provide defensive stability.

Everton had a few moments going forward, but the first half really was tilted in favor of Wigan even before the goal. I don't know if they necessarily deserved their first goal, but we didn't do much to prove otherwise.

Leon Osman had a real shocker of a first half. He just seemed off the pace and was giving the ball away pretty easily. I'd be curious why Moyes decided to leave Gibson on the bench as opposed to Osman who has really needed a rest in recent weeks.

Second Half Thoughts

Things started out better for Everton, but it wasn't like they set the world on fire for the first 15 minutes or anything. It really looked just like the first half minus the goals.

Also Marouane Fellaini can now officially leave. He has really half-assed his way through a lot of matches, and if we can get 25-30 million for him I have no issue showing him the door. He was poor this match, and it was obvious he didn't care. A moment in the 67th minute summed it up when a pass went astray and he got sulky rather than playing defense. None of that nonsense should be tolerated.

Mirallas is really the only player I was pleased with today. He went after things with some real hustle, and had no compunction about pressuring defenders. Even in the second half he was getting after it.

That said, why the fuck did Moyes sub him off? Unless Moyes had just given up which wouldn't be too shocking.

We also got a ROSS BARKLEY SIGHTING!!!!! Big fan of the young lad here, and he made an impact when he came on with a few opportunities, certainly more than others had been able to conjure up.

Other than that this match sucked badly, Now we have to put a full effort into finishing as high as possible in the table to qualify for Europe.