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Everton v Stoke City: Live GameThread

Come join the conversation as the Toffees take on the Potters in a crucial Premier League showdown.

Jan Kruger

Here's a hypothetical:

Suppose you've gotten into some trouble with the law, and the judge is ready to hand out your punishment. He decides to give you two choices. Your first option is 100 hours of community service: picking up garbage off the side of the road, doing maintenance work at the crack of dawn, etc. Your second option is to watch every minute of every Stoke City match next season.

I'm pretty sure I would choose Option 1.

Let's hope Everton make this game interesting. But not too interesting. Any scenario that results in three points is fine with me, especially with no Fellaini and no Pienaar.

Lineups should be out soon. Comment on the match below!