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ToffeeLinks 28/02/2013: On to Reading

Calm day on the news front other than people once again proclaiming Everton as a real contender to win the FA Cup and some previews for Reading this weekend.

Stu Forster

But we will leave out the Reading previews for now.

Everton's FA Cup run can lead to day of atonement, says Tim Howard | The Guardian
"Tim Howard has said Everton's FA Cup run is fuelled by determination to make amends for last season's semi-final against Liverpool..."

Moyes: Everton's FA Cup run fuelled by last season's defeat to Liverpool -
"The Toffees manager is still feeling the "disappointment" of last year's exit, while the keeper believes that the club are not performing to the best of their abilities just yet"

Kevin Kilbane says European football will keep David Moyes at Everton FC - Liverpool Echo
"Kevin Kilbane believes the lure of another European campaign for Everton FC would prove irresistible for David Moyes."

Everton FC Under-18s beaten 3-0 by Southampton - Liverpool Echo
"Kevin Sheedy says people will be given the wrong impression by Everton under-18's 3-0 home defeat Southampton."