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All Good Things At Goodison Park

Fresh off a week that made us all proud, Everton are in the thick of it as the new year approaches.

Clive Brunskill

The fundamental difference between our old manager and our new boss is simple. Had you asked David Moyes what the "dream" scenario would be for Everton before a week that saw them travel to Old Trafford and The Emirates, he would have told you that coming away with two points would have been just dandy.

Martinez's approach is a lot braver, going for the jugular of two giants on their grounds, and coming away the better for it.

Last week's performance not only kept Everton extremely relevant in the race for Europe, but it also shocked the culture that has stagnated the club for a decade. Intimidation gave way to proper arrogance, the kind you see from European giants.

Back in the early Autumn, three draws made us believe that this would be a grace year for the team to transition from deploying a practical, safe brand of football towards a sexier, possession based game.

Along with Martinez, the additions of Gareth Barry, James McCarthy, Romelu Lukaku, and Gerard Deulofeu have proved vital for Everton.

McCarthy and Barry have been terrific fits in the central part of the pitch, keeping Everton glued together all the while composing patient, possession filled approaches.

Lukaku and Deulofeu -- both on season-long loan deals -- have given Everton extra bite in the final third, scoring 10 goals between them so far this season.

Lukaku is wreaking havoc on opposing centre backs, and Deulofeu's creativity and ability to turn nothing into something spectacular adds a new dimension to Everton's game.

Everton would be thrilled to be able to turn both of these loans into long-term deals but that will not be an easy task. However, some good news was revealed today surrounding Deulofeu's deal.

According to a report, the 19-year-old can stay at Everton next season if he doesn't fit into Barcelona's plans.

This isn't something any Evertonian should be concerning themselves with at the moment. The time for the transfer saga will come, but for now lets just sit back and keep reminding ourselves that Everton went into Old Trafford and The Emirates and came out four points to the good.