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Leighton Baines to undergo x-rays on his toe after leaving Merseyside Derby early

Everton's key fullback will undergo x-rays one a toe after he was forced to exit Saturday's match against Liverpool early after being stepped on by Jordan Henderson

Alex Livesey

Everton and their fans will be collectively holding their breath as defender Leighton Baines is facing an x-ray to determine the extent of the damage done to his toe during Saturday's 3-3 draw against Liverpool.

Baines' foot was landed/stepped on by Liverpool's Jordan Henderson in the first half and despite his attempt to play through the pain, he was forced off early in the second half. At this point there's no official word on the injury or what Everton are thinking might be wrong. We only have this tweet to guide us along with Roberto Martinez saying the same thing in his post-match comments.

Hopefully there's no serious damage to Baines' toe as a fracture or break could cost him significant time, something Everton can ill afford at the moment.

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