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Martinez- Good, Bad, or Average.

In this piece we will take a look into the start the blues have made to this current season. The first in-depth look into stats from this season to last under the management of Moyes. So far it certainly feels like a huge step in a better direction under Martinez.

Chris Brunskill

After taking the helm at Goodison in preseason Roberto Martinez has set his side up with a do not lose attitude. Draw being ok and almost at times, a win being expected, which is unheard of at Everton. As a fan I certainly feel comfortable under Roberto and his fearlessness manager style is suited to the players he has brought in to the club and the players he has inherited from the previous manager. I'm happy quietly going about our business, the one thing I've been able to notice is that David Moyes brought a large degree of press attention towards the back end of his spell at Everton, mainly due to the way things were so obviously falling into place for him to take the job at Old Trafford. However with Martinez we don't get that, even the win against Chelsea was barely mentioned outside the day of the game. This allows us to almost sneak under the radar, the players have the chance to allow their football to do all the talking.

There are numerous things that have changed being under the management of Martinez. The first and probably most noticeable to the fans that attend games regularly, Martinez has no favourites, nobody has a set position in the squad besides Jags and Baines. Every player has another player pushing for their place, Lukaku - Jelavic, Howard - Joel and mainly McCarthy - Osman - Barkley. The second difference is what I've already touched on and that being the will to win against anyone, no matter the reputation, the calibre or quality we attempt to win every game, that's more than could have been said for Moyes' numerous away trips to Stamford Bridge and Old Trafford ect. Although we haven't played at those grounds as yet we have played at home against Chelsea and Roberto never once attempted a defence sub or defensive formation throughout the game. He doesn't appear to be interested in anything other than 3 points and that's very exciting to watch and I can only imagine this will open up further opportunities.

So the stats. Well if we are being honest there isn't much to "um and rr" at. The difference between the starts is minimal. So after 10 games we find ourselves in 7th in the table on 19 points. One or two results fall our way and we could find ourselves 2nd and on the other hand one or two don't fall out way and we could find ourselves in 10th or 11th it's that close. We currently have a record of 4 draws, 5 wins and only the 1 defeat. Compare that to last season, 4 wins, 5 draws and 1 defeat. It's impossible and probably slightly unfair to say one is working better than the other.

I'm not going to sit on the fence here, I'll be honest I genuinely, for no bitterness or reasoning to that degree, feel Martinez Will work better and definitely has a more structured set of plans. If Moyes' plan "A" didn't work he would admit defeat and aim for a draw at best. Martinez had a plan "A, B and C " he doesn't give up on three points until plan "B" has failed and as yet we have only seen that once against Manchester City. We certainly are a lot more attack minded and we are set up to score goals and to ultimately win games. None of this 5 in midfield, at worst it's 4 with an attack midfielder just behind Lukaku.

Nothing against Moyes he was nothing less than superb for us as a club over all and credit were credits due he didn't over do his stay, he seen he had hit the wall and there was no getting around it. He didn't give up on us but for his and our future he moved in a different direction and that has allowed us to see the brilliant attacking changes in which Martinez has brought to us. I'm very excited as a fan even for the smaller games as a win against the smaller sides just continues to prove the point that we aren't making the old errors of switching off against the lesser sides. Let's hope things don't start to take a turn for the worst because we deserve some silverware and I believe we have a much better chance under Roberto than we did David.