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Everton announce new club crest

Everton have revealed which new crest the fans have voted for - is the one you wanted?

After their disastrous first attempt at re-branding the club, Everton will hope their second go will be a lot more successful after the fans voted overwhelmingly for design 'A', the first of three offered up by the clubs as the new crest from next season.

New Director of Communications Alan Myers made the new badge vote his main focus of attention in the early months of his tenure and he had ensured as many Evertonians as possible have been able to have their say on the design.

The Electoral Reform Services handled the vote and revealed that 78.18% of the 13,229 fans who voted chose the first design, which sees the return of all the traditional elements of the club badge, including the motto, laurel wreaths and the original tower design.

The official blurb on the club's website read:

This option strongly reflects the Club's heritage and status as an authentic, respected football club.

It brings together the key icons of the Club's tradition - the Tower, Nil Satis Nisi Optimum and the Shield, rendered in the strongly preferred Club colours of royal blue and white.

The design is modern and clean but with a strong element of tradition, reflecting the most preferred previous Club Crests, whilst being easier to use across the range of modern media.

The Tower design has been modernised in line with the strong feedback from the consultation, the Shield shape streamlined and the name Everton included in a strong font with an element of tradition.

The 'scroll' has been used to hold 'Nil Satis Nisi Optimum' but has been attached firmly to the Shield to prevent it being easily removed when used by partners, and much simplified to achieve impact.

Because the design allows it, both 1878 and the Wreaths have been utilised.

Overall this is a simpler, neater presentation to meet modern day challenges, whilst retaining the strong heritage so important to the Club and its supporters.

When I first saw the three proposed designs I wasn't that impressed, but they all did grow on me and all had some positive aspects. In the end I voted for design A as it appeared a much more natural progression from the previous badge than this year's effort (in other words I don't like change!).

What do you think of the new badge? Did you vote for it? should we have stuck it out with this year's one? Or should we have just stayed with the badge that has served us well for the past 13 years?

Have your say below.

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