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Leroy Fer Deal Hits Snag Because Of Course It Does

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Worries over Twente midfielder Leroy Fer's previously injured knee have Everton's deal for the Dutch international in peril.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Before anyone panics, this from Greg O'Keeffe of the Liverpool Echo:

Apparently the original deal for Fer hit a snag when concerns arose over the results of Fer's medical (this also from the Liverpool Echo). The midfielder originally suffered a serious knee injury while playing for the Netherlands in their 2-0 win over Turkey back in September. Though Fer returned to his club team in November and has been playing regularly ever since, his medical clearly revealed something to the Everton medical staff that has them concerned enough to reenter negotiations with Twente.

What does that mean, exactly? Most likely, Everton are going to want part of the transfer fee to be contingent on appearances or some other method of ensuring Fer's health. And they absolutely can't be blamed for that. As we all know, this is not a team that has plenty of money to throw around; Everton simply can't afford to waste £8.6 million on damaged goods.

The good news is that Everton still seems keen to get a deal done before the deadline on Thursday, as indicated by O'Keeffe's Tweet above. The bad news is this tidbit from the original Echo article from Twente chairman Joop Munsterman:

Everton have additional requirements on the method of payment. Here we do not agree. It’s stuck. We don´t play that game at Twente. They can come up with any demand they wish but we´re not playing along with their demands.

I suppose the optimist in me says that even if this deal falls through at least Everton clearly do have money to spend on somebody. But still, isn't this development the most Everton thing ever? Whatever happens, keep it right here at RBM for the latest.