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Southampton v Everton: Live gamethread

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Can the mighty Blues ruin Mauricio Pochettino's big day?

Alex Livesey

First of all, hats off to all the travelling Everton fans who have made the trip down to the south coast from Merseyside on a snowy January Monday for the game. It's TV scheduling at its inconsiderate best.

Anyway, that issue aside this match represents a great chance to cement fifth place ahead of Arsenal, as well as closing the gap on fourth placed Spurs to just a point.

I think it is fair to say though that much of the pre-match focus will be on Southampton after they crazily sacked manager Nigel Adkins on Friday, despite leading them to back-to-back promotions, and replacing him with former Espanyol boss Mauricio Pochettino.

The supporters are planning a protest against the club's board and the atmopsehre could well turn ugly if Everton go in front early - making it vitally important we get off to a fast start.

The teams will appear below when we have them - feel free to post your thoughts on the game as it happens.