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Monday ToffeeLinks: Coleman Returns, AVDM Talk, Hope for Holtby?

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A variety of links for you to peruse as the week begins...

Um, wow. This looks... painful.
Um, wow. This looks... painful.
Clive Brunskill

Good morning, everyone. (Or good afternoon or good evening for some of you.) Start your week off right with some Monday ToffeeLinks:

First, here are some video highlights from the Swansea City match. You know, for those of you who want to watch highlights of people trying and failing to score. If you really wanted to watch that you could just head out to your local bar/pub, amirite? ZING

Do yourself a favor and take ten minutes to read this excellent piece (by a Spurs fan, no less) that compares the similar histories of Everton, Manchester City, and Tottenham Hotspur. He mentions a lot of the things that make Everton such a special club and a lot of the things that make this club one that is easy to root for. Great read (even if some of the British political stuff went over my head), especially if you're new to the team.

In David Moyes's post-match comments, he singled out Seamus Coleman for praise (RBM's consensus Man of the Match) and welcomed the Irishman's return, while still ruing the opportunity that Everton let slip through their fingers on Saturday.

This piece from the BBC on former Everton player Andy Van der Meyde is a few days old, but I don't think Sibi linked to it last week and I thought some of the quotes were pretty fascinating. Just goes to show that these players we cheer, mock, and ridicule each week are actual people with actual lives and actual problems.

Here's some tabloid garbage linking David Moyes with a move to Germany.

Here's some stuff that isn't tabloid garbage because it's good news, stuff that might get you excited all over again about Lewis Holtby maybe just maybe turning down Spurs for Everton. I wouldn't click the link if I were you. It can only end in disappointment. (I clicked it)

Then there's this story from the Liverpool Echo that sheds some light on the whole Marouane Fellaini situation. It looks like the buy-out clause is indeed a thing, but other teams (Chelsea) are going to have to pony up a little more cash than was previously thought if they want to make a move for the Belgian.

Finally, here's a video that has gone viral recently so you may have already watched it, but I had to share it because I think this might be the best prank I've ever seen. The only one that rivals it is the epic basketball halftime prank. Oh, and the ghost in the elevator prank.