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Leon Osman: A Decade In Highlights

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Leon Osman marked his tenth anniversary as an Everton player yesterday against Swansea City. We look back at his decade at Goodison Park.

Clive Brunskill

When your manager says this about you, you know you're in a pretty good place in your career -

He is as good a central midfield player as anybody in the country right now.

That is how David Moyes chose to describe Leon Osman when talking about his ten years with Everton. He went on to add -

Early on, Ossie had the skills, but he did what he had to, so he could get a game, and he developed a competitive edge. If he had to mix it, he wouldn't shy away from that.

In other words, a footballer in the mold that Moyes likes them: scrappy, hardworking and never-say-die in outlook.

We polled our Twitter followers for what they felt were some of their favorite memories of Osman, and came up with a varied bunch of answers. Linked in the retweets are some videos of his performances.

Bonus: Here's a blast from the past from when Ossie had hair!