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Everton v Swansea City: Live GameThread

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Come join the discussion as the Toffees take on the Swans.

Michael Steele

Swansea City have to have the least creative nickname in the Premier League. Oh, our town is called Swansea, so let's name our team the Swans! Not very original. Imagine if every team in England followed that template; we would be the Everton Evers, our main rival would be the Liverpool Livers, and we could travel to play the Wigan Wigs and the Queens Park Rangers Queens. What a wacky world it would be.

But today we've got to play those Swans, and it would really behoove Everton to beat them. Incidentally, Swansea is the last team that Everton shut out. To put that into perspective, that was before Royal Blue Mersey changed its layout to SB Nation United. That was a long, long time ago... in fact, that was the last match before the switch. The stats don't lie: 18 matches with the United layout, 0 clean sheets. Curse you SB Nation overlords!

Lineups will be posted closer to kickoff. As always, comment on the match below.