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Everton vs. Swansea City: Q&A with Swansea Oh Swansea

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Everton host Swansea City at home this weekend, and we spoke to Steven at Swansea Oh Swansea about how the season has been going for his boys.

Swansea Ballet anyone?
Swansea Ballet anyone?
Michael Steele

Everton beat Swansea City 3-0 in Wales earlier this year, and RBM spoke to Swansea Oh Swansea before that game. Steven, the editor there, spoke to us again ahead of Saturday's game to give us his views on all things Swansea.

RBM - Swansea have been excellent on the road in recent times, tied best in the League over the last five games. What has Michael Laudrup been doing differently away from home?

SOS - We're playing more on the break on the road than we were last year. We probably haven't had quite as much possesion but when we've got the ball rather than just looking to keep it we're trying to create opportunities. Fortunately for us we've been taking the chances recently which leaves us with four away wins so far, the same amount as last season already.

RBM - What was your opinion of the first half of Swansea's season? Where were they strong, and where are the weaknesses and areas of need?

SOS - It's exceeded expectations. I thought we'd be lower in the table so being in the top half is a positive surprise. The main strength has been the goal scoring prowess of Michu. Laudrup has really pulled a rabbit out of the hat with his signing and if he wasn't here no doubt we wouldn't be as high in the league. The weakness as ever has been defending set pieces, our lack of height is always going to make it difficult for us not to concede goals this way.

RBM - The winter transfer window is upon us. Who have Swansea been linked with so far? Is anyone on their way out of the Liberty Stadium?

SOS - There's a few names we've been linked to - the most recent is Stoke's Kenwyne Jones and with us expecting to sign a striker there could be some legs in that one. Another one is Jose Canas, a holding midfield player from Betis, and Lago Aspas from Celta Vigo although the latter has been ruled out by the player. In terms of going the other way the speculation about Danny Graham leaving is still lingering but I hope he stays. He's easily the best striker at the club.

RBM - Everton have had the measure of Swansea in recent fixtures. What do you feel Michael Laudrup will be changing on Saturday?

SOS - The counter attacking style away from home has been working quite well recently so I'm sure he'll look to play that way and hope it pays off. There will also be no Alan Tate this time (he's a cult hero but he had a bit of a shocker in the reverse fixture)

RBM - Finally, what is your score prediction for this weekend? Who do you think will be the standout performers for the two teams?

SOS - Everton are our bogey team and with us having such a congested fixture list I can see our players being quite tired I don't hold out much hope and predict a 2-0 home win. The star performers will probably be Marouane Fellaini and Michu.