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ToffeeLinks 28/09/2012: Happy FIFA day!

ToffeeLinks: Friday Everton Links and News

Chris Brunskill - Getty Images

Happy FIFA day everyone! We're not sponsored by them (I think) but seriously, it's an awesome game and I'll be spending way too much time playing it and I'm sure many of you guys will as well.

Looks like everyone is standing in line for the new game instead of gossiping or making up ridiculous news stories and rumors because it's a pretty slow news day for Everton. Outside some quotes and interviews, there's not much else. But it is an insight into some of our players/coaches brains though!

And on that note, on to the links:

FIFA 13 Out Today |
The new FIFA is out today! You can can actually click the link here where there is another link that you can click to download the special edition cover for the new game. It features Pienaar, Jags, and the Fro.

Width: the secret to Everton's success so far this season | Life's A Pitch
"Zonal Marking's Michael Cox examines the tactics behind Everton's cracking start to the season." -- It's all stuff that we, as hardcore fans, have already known, but some of the statistics behind the analysis are pretty interesting. Particularly these two: 1) Everton having 102 shots which is the most in the Premier League. 2) Baines has created 24 goalscoring chances which the most of anyone in Europe's major five league.

Phil Neville believes Everton FC must keep opponents guessing | Liverpool Echo
Neville is pretty much saying that Everton need to keep switching up players and tactics if they want to keep other clubs on their toes. He says our versatility and overall quality can confuse and hurt opposing clubs' tactics.

Bryan Oviedo hopes to be another Everton FC mini-marvel | Daily Post North Wales
Oviedo seems to be looking up to Baines and Pienaar as role models and is learning from them. He also understand that we played poorly, so I guess atleast he admits it. One thing, at least what I saw from this interview, that we can see is that he knows he needs to be willing to put a lot of effort to get up to the mark for the Premier League, but it looks like he is more than willing to put all the extra effort needed to become successful here.

Stubbs Keen To Build On Win |
Stubbs is looking to build on the U-21 side's win against Blackburn in their last match. He understand that we had a very "testing" start but the win probably finally brought some confidence to some of the young guns. Hopefully they can build on this.