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ToffeeLinks 27/09/2012: Ridiculously Priced Mediocre Players and Tactics Changes

ToffeeLinks: Thursday Everton Links and News

Michael Steele - Getty Images

It's a pretty slow news day. That Leeds loss really put a damper on Champions League talks and people calling us to win the league. But great teams separate themselves from the mediocre when they come back from these losses stronger. We have had a tendency to be extremely streaky and we can't fall into that trap this time. We must go play Southampton full of confidence and attack head on like we have so far this season.

On to the links:

Tim Howard should not be rested by Everton FC says Neville Southall | Liverpool Echo
Southall doesn't understand why Howard was rested on Tuesday against Leeds. He contends that goalkeepers don't need rest and need to get in their groove instead. I understand what he is saying, but I think this is more of the club giving Mucha some playing time to keep him happy (I know he's still not really happy) rather than the "resting" of Howard.

Everton FC supporters’ group lodges official complaint after Leeds United match clashes | Liverpool Echo
Sounds like there were isolated instances of mayhem at Leeds.

David Moyes has ditched the long ball and Everton are a joy to watch | Give Me Football
A bit of analysis by this site (I've never heard of them). It's alright but its quite short to consider it a true analysis.

Chelsea and Everton target's new contract to have huge buy-out clause - 7M sport
hahahahaha £47.7m hahahahahaha. I don't think we can afford that