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Big changes ahead for Royal Blue Mersey


Something exciting is coming; yes the new look Royal Blue Mersey is almost ready.

We gave you a glimpse of the future earlier this month with our brand new logo but we are genuinely excited to give you a sneak peek at some of the changes afoot that will make the site bigger, better and more interactive.

For starters the site will load faster and run better meaning you can get to the content you want faster (the stories will be up as fast as our little hands can type!). The fresh, modern design will ensure the biggest and best news and content will be easy to see and navigate, with the layout free of clutter.

It is also designed to be viewed seamlessly from one platform or another. You can begin reading a story on your laptop and easily find it again on your mobile or even check out the site on your tablet. The new look will be optimised for wherever you are.

Despite all the change there will still be at its core the same community elements that has made SBNation and RBM so fantastic, namely the FanPosts and FanShots and GameThreads.

Indeed we want to encourage more interaction than ever. This site would be nothing without the readers so we want to encourage as much interaction as possible, both about our great football club and the new look site.

Are we doing something you like? Let us know. Something you can’t stand? Make sure you tell us. Have a great idea? Just give us a subtle nudge.

After the jump are some of the screen shots that you will find from across the network and will soon see here at Royal Blue Mersey.

The new 'magazine style' front cover will ensure you can access the biggest stories quicker.


The new story stream feature helps you see a major story develop over time and access all the background information at the click of a button.


Surfing the net on your tablet? Then Royal Blue Mersey will be optimised for that.


Or are you out and about on your mobile? Then don't worry all the same great new features will be accessible while you are on the move too.