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ToffeeLinks: Fellaini's Translation Problems and Ross Barkley's Loan

Even though it has been a bit of a slow week due to the International break, there have still been some news circulating around, some even frightening fans.

I am leaving a poll here to see what everyone wants the ToffeeLinks to be in the future. I have been intermittent in my ToffeeLinks updates and I was wondering if people wanted a daily update even if it was a slow news day/week or if they just wanted a weekly update. Comments welcome!

And now, onto the links:

Everton transfer news: Marouane Fellaini says he'll leave Goodison in Everton or next summer - Mirror Online
After just signing a long term contract last year, Fellaini goes on record (in a Belgium newspaper) to say that he wants to move to a bigger club as soon as January! Almost everyone is shocked. I'm not sure if this is exactly correct since papers tend to put out ridiculous things due to translation problems, but then this comes out...

Everton: Marouane Fellaini is set for talks with David Moyes over those exit comments - Mirror Online
And as quickly as that, Fellaini backs away from his comments and says he is happy at Liverpool and that we have brought in good players. I don't know what to believe.

Ross Barkley to be loaned out to Sheffield Wednesday Liverpool Daily Post
Ross Barkley may be loaned out in order to gain some more experience. Even though we have little depth, I'm a fan of this potential move. Barkley desperately needs some more 1st team playing time, and even though he does get to play against better competition here, he just needs to get on the pitch more often and more consistently.

Everton FC skipper Phil Neville on why he will never be satisfied with second best - Chester Chronicle
Phil Neville on why he is never satisfied until we are top. A good attitude to have, especially because he is one of the few leaders we have left on the team now. Neville also explains how he wants to keep playing until it is physically impossible for him to continue.

Everton express interest in League of Ireland teenager Kevin Feely - Transfers - Football - The Independent
Bohemians manager Aaron Callaghan claims Everton have expressed an interest in teenage defender Kevin Feely.

Coleman hails influence of Everton team-mate Baines -
Looks like Coleman is still keen to play his natural right-back position and looks up to Baines as inspiration.