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West Brom v Everton: Live GameThread

In normal times, I would go on my usual rant about how Everton needs to win these matches. These are the types of clubs that Everton need to beat. But the problem is, West Brom have had a decent run, and their squad actually looks pretty formidable. They do have some key injuries to a couple of defenders and also Lukaku.

Last week, I was whining about how I still do not believe in Everton in the long run. They may have won a couple of matches against a top team and a relegation battler. Everton, though, have had problems with consistency.

Could this have changed. Yes, because we have now pretty much signed THE WHOLE BELGIUM NATIONAL TEAM and they are the least consistent of the European national teams. So according to our crazy minds, that must mean consistency right (no consistency from Everton + Belgium players that aren't consistent = SUPER TALENTED & CONSISTENT)? RIGHT?

But 4 points from the next two matches and I promise I'll become a believer. I promise.