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Aston Villa v Everton: Live GameThread

Oh the dreaded Villa Park. If we miraculously win this match , I may jump on the bandwagon and start believing that Everton may finally have gotten it's beginning of the season monkey off it's back. But I'm definitely not on the bandwagon now, and I think that we will probably draw this match. That seems like the sensible result. Even though (excuse me for saying this Villa fans) Aston Villa seem to have a pretty weak team at the moment, we usually lose to these types of weak teams season after season.

But let's forget about the opposition for a minute and talk about Marouane Fellaini. He is being talked about many non-Everton fans as one of the best midfielders now and how every major team will be putting a bid for him now. These people really don't know Fellaini (or the rest of the team for that matter). We know Fellaini is awesome and when he plays on the top of his game, he is the best midfielder in the Premier League. But he has way too many games, especially against lesser opponents, where he is a half step slower than his normal speed and instead of dominating and disrupting, he goes on a foul streak. We have seen this Fellaini especially after dominating performances. It's like the dominating game took too much out of him and he get's tired for the next match or something.

So why did I write all this nonsense right after a historic victory against Manchester United? To drop expectations. I'm sure most of us are only cautiously excited. We have been been disappointed much too often for us to all just start proclaiming Europe spots and FA cups in the future.

But in case you are, don't be fooled! It's a damn trick!

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