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The Weekly Everton Quote Sheet 8/22

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - AUGUST 20:  Everton Manager David Moyes waves prior to the Barclays Premier League match between Everton and Manchester United at Goodison Park on August 20, 2012 in Liverpool, England.  (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - AUGUST 20: Everton Manager David Moyes waves prior to the Barclays Premier League match between Everton and Manchester United at Goodison Park on August 20, 2012 in Liverpool, England. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
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This is hopefully going to become at least a semi-regular feature on the site, where we collect all of the most pertinent quotations related to Everton Football Club from the week that was and condense those quotes into a quick, easy-to-read format for your perusal. Also, as a bonus treat, we'll pick the top comment from the past week on the Royal Blue Mersey Twitter and Facebook pages and include that as well. So without further ado...


David Moyes, Everton manager
* from

(on the Man United game) "I'm really pleased because (the team) performed ever so well and got a result too. When we scored the goal, United inevitably picked it up and tried to find ways of getting back in the game. Naturally, you try to defend what you've got a little bit. Phil Jagielka was outstanding and made some great tackles. But all round I thought we filled enough areas to stop United."

(on getting off to a positive start) "We haven't started recent seasons very well and even tonight's result doesn't tell you we have started the season well, just as if we had lost tonight, we wouldn't have said we'd started the season badly. I think you judge how you have started a season after 10 games. I've tried just about everything to try and get off to a good start and we tried something else this year. The only year I can remember that we had a good start, we finished in a Champions League spot. I don't know if it's possible to do that, but if we can get a good start, I think we can start to chase some teams instead of having to play catch-up as we have tended to do. But one game tonight has certainly not proved that we are not slow starters."

(on Sylvain Distin's injury) "Sylvain fell flat on his back and is in a lot of pain. He went for a header and came down completely horizontal."

Phil Neville, Everton midfielder

* from the Liverpool Echo

(on what has been different this preseason) "I think (David Moyes) has, to be fair, changed it up this pre season. He brought us back early. Earlier than any other team in the Premier League, and then worked us hard for two weeks. Then he did give us five days off and from then it's just been games, and it's been really relaxed which has benefited us."

(on getting off to a positive start) "We don't always start the season well and the manager has been drumming into us that we need to start the season running and we did. The most important thing (Moyes) has done is recruited early. He's brought in three players and we're a really settled side. Our spirit is our greatest strength. It's no surprise when we beat the big teams here because of our spirit, but we have quality as well."


Marouane Fellaini, Everton midfielder
* from

(on his goal) "It was a good goal, it was a good cross, a good corner. It was good for me and for Everton."

(on the attitude of the team) "I think everybody was motivated. Manchester United is a great club. Everybody is motivated, and I think today everybody played well."


Kevin Mirallas, Everton midfielder
* from

(on reported interest from Arsenal) "Discussions were at quite an advanced stage with Arsenal. But it was always clear that it was going to be totally down to me to make the decision."

(on why he chose Everton) "From the word go I was really impressed by the extent to which the manager wanted me here. He showed a lot of confidence. I was convinced that what was important for me at this stage of my career was to get plenty of time on the field."

(on first impressions) "I was very, very happy initially having signed here knowing that I had come to a big club. But I'm even happier now after what I experienced at the United game. I saw the fans and experienced the atmosphere in the stadium also the fact that we beat Manchester United and how the team played - I'm even happier now to be an Everton player. It was incredible the way the fans really got behind the team. Even if there was a misplaced pass, they still applauded and encouraged the players rather than getting on their backs. That was fantastic and I think the fans played a really decisive role in getting the team over the line last night"


Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United manager
* from Sky Sports

(on the match in general) "We were the better football team, they had eight shots on target and De Gea did very well for us in that way. But we had the possession and made some great openings without actually finishing it. That was the only difference. These shots on targets the goalkeeper did really well. Other than that we played good football, good combination play, on another day we would have won the match."

(on the play of Fellaini) "He is a handful: he is a big, tall, gangly lad and they just lumped the ball forward to him, that's all they did. They worked from that base all the time and they got a goal from him, so it's justified. It was just difficult to handle him when they were knocking these balls up to him."

(on United's defensive shortage) "Centre-back is a problem but we coped quite well, I don't think you can criticise their performance in that respect. Michael (Carrick) did fine, good on the ball and applied himself well, they all applied themselves well."


Roberto Mancini, Manchester City manager
* from The Guardian

(perhaps a bit outdated by now, but I wanted to include this quote anyway)

(on Jack Rodwell) "Rodwell is a good player. He is young, and now for the first time he is at a club that plays to win, so it will be different for him."


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