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Everton v Manchester United: Live GameThread

The dreaded beginning of the season! we all have high expectations this season for Everton due to the shrewd moves made by David Moyes and, dare I say it, the club's management. But that expectation has been tempered mostly because Everton has been unable to start most seasons strongly. The preparation has been, for the most part, the same. We have decreased the occassional long distance trip we usually make, but other than that, it seems that most of our training has largely been unchanged from past preseasons. So should our expectations be any different than usual?

Maybe Michael Owen, the proverbial love-child of the Everton transfer media and mental hospital patients, will be the messiah that we have all been looking forward to. Maybe he is the key to our beginning of the season woes and can lead us past all these mental blocks our coaches and players seem to have.

I don't think so, mostly because I am completely sick of hearing the two words, Michael and Owen (On another note: I hate myself for even including him in the shrine that is the Live GameThread). Actually, I hate Michael Owen. There, I said it. It never seemed like he wanted to come here and now that he's old and pretty much sucks, we seem like we'll probably get him. You know what? I don't want him! I hope he now transfers to our club and scores 61 goals to beat Dixie Dean's scoring record while I move to Siberia in shame (and happiness for Everton of course because they would have won the Premier League at that point).

Whoa. I don't know what happened there. All I saw was white after I wrote "Michael Owen" and then I whited out and that paragraph is what resulted.

So, to get back to the point of this gamethread (there is never a point to what I write), does this mean that we should expect the usual disaster for the first half of the season? I have no idea. I'm not god. I say we keep our heads blank before this game and we can start are whining and crying after atleast one match has passed (especially me!).

So to the readers, do not be afraid. The largely nonsensical Live GameThreads will continue forth following this week. But for once, let's enjoy the calm before the storm.

[Since this is a new season, I will try to explain the Live GameThread to anyone that is new. What is supposed to happen is I'm supposed to be live updating in the comment section what is actually happening in the match. Everyone is allowed to, and encouraged to, comment along their thoughts, hopes, desires, or even just live update instead of me since I'm usually awfull.]

As always, comment below and COYB!!