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Simmering Everton fans need appeasing following Jack Rodwell sale

Jack Rodwell - another one bites the dust.
Jack Rodwell - another one bites the dust.

After two weeks on an Olympic-fuelled high, it was perhaps inevitable that good old Everton dragged me back down to earth with a bump on Sunday.

Two weeks spent watching, hockey, handball and dancing horses had distracted me from my annual Everton summer stress-fest, though my brief dip into all things Blue for Tony Hibbert’s testimonial had got be excited for the coming season.

How quickly things change.

Jack Rodwell’s departure to Man City was surprising as it was rapid, all seemingly wrapped up in a matter of hours, proving that all those ITK Twitter accounts that have mysteriously cropped up this summer do not really know anything at all (we all knew that though anyway).

It was also surprising because Rodwell has just come off the back of a very average season, which saw him struggle with a succession of hamstring injuries that scuppered his hopes of playing in the Euros or the Olympics.

It was this time last year that many expected Rodwell to be sold on, but injury put paid to that, with Mikel Arteta the eventual fall guy.

At £12million, rising to a possible £15million, most Evertonians appear reasonably satisfied with the deal, given Rodwell’s progress has stalled in recent seasons and the fact we are well covered in the centre of midfield (one of the few positions we are well stocked).

However, the very fact we have had another significant summer departure sends out a blaring message to our rivals that our best players are ripe for picking each and every summer. Who will be next year? Baines? Fellaini? Jelavic?

The club will tell you that it is part of their policy of ‘player trading’, the old 85p in the pound going to Finch Farm line.

The supporters fear it is the banks yet again calling in their annual loans and the board scrabbling around to secure new finance for the coming season.

The board can stem the flow of simmering resentment spilling from the fans by acting quickly in the transfer market. Moyes proved in January that he can be inspired when it comes to maximising the funds he has available and if the Rodwell money can be used to add at least two players to the squad, then the deal will be looked at in a whole new light.

Indeed there are also rumours that the some of the cash has been used to pay off some significant long term mortgages, easing the financial burden that was choking the club. If we can do that, and strengthen the squad, then we are in business.

If, however, we have a repeat of last year, with just a few loans arriving on deadline day (and maybe a third choice goalkeeper - again!) and the rest of the cash gone to appease the banks. Then expect another fresh round of protests throughout the opening weeks of the season.

Over to you Blues.