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Deja Vu, a Q&A with the Roker Report

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I think at this point some cultures would call us married, but with Monday's match against Sunderland, yea we have to play them again, fast approaching we spoke with The Roker Report. Somehow we found new things to talk about, and here are their answers. Head on over to the Roker Report for all things Sunderland, as well as checking out our answers to some of their questions.

RBM: Sunderland really didn't seem to show up for much of the game during the FA Cup replay. Was there any particular reason for this or do you think this was more of an aberration?

I wish I could put a finger on why it happened, I really do, but it seems to have just been one of those games where almost every single thing went wrong for us. Not that we can blame anyone but ourselves, it was just a very unfortunate and horrible night for the club. I'll go with your version of events, an aberration.

RBM: What was the mood of the supporters after they got knocked out one game from Wembley and in a matchup that certainly seemed winnable on paper?

We were absolutely gutted. I think that goes for every single Sunderland fan across the board, not just those on our site, and it really took the stuffing out of us seeing such a poor performance. We did think the game was completely winnable, and to a man, the team just didn't show up. Now looking back, we're grateful to have gone so far in the competition which we usual mess up, but it is still a wasted opportunity for us. That said, we do wish Everton all the best in the competition too.

RBM: You guys managed to concede late against Manchester City to only get one point. Should this have been a full three points from the match or was a draw a fair result?

The result sort of felt like a defeat after leading for so long, but when you sit back and look on it, it's a truly remarkable result, and one we can be proud of. Before the game I'd have snapped someones hand off for a draw, so we'll take it very kindly and move on.

RBM: On Saturday you guys have a pretty big match against Tottenham. How do you think the results of the match will affect the team with such a quick turnaround to our game?

Sometimes if we get beat (writing this before the Spurs game) it can be great to get immediately back on it and try to put things right. Conversely, if we win, the lads should be on a high and relishing getting back on the pitch at Goodison Park. I don't doubt it will have an effect, with a few tired legs on show come Monday, but I'm still of the old school mentality that these are professional athletes paid (very well) to run around a few times a week. Get on with it!

RBM: You guys had three changes in the squad from the side that we played in the first match of the quarterfinal. Will there be any similar changes this time around or is it likely we will be matching up against the same squad we beat?

I think there will be yeah. There's a few positions where have a little bit of depth such as central midfield where we can afford to rest someone if need be, so I'd like to see us do that. Martin O'Neill spoke recently of giving David Meyler a chance in midfield, and he's waited patiently enough for a start. Across the defence and attack we're pretty thin, so that should be as you were regardless of who we were up against or when.

RBM: Who is going to be the difference maker for you guys if you want to grab all three points?

Usually we'd say Sessegnon. He's the default answer almost for these sort of questions, but I'm going to stick my neck out (only a little) and say Nicklas Bendtner. Bendtner's been a class act of late with four goals in his last five games (I think) and is becoming an integral part of the team. Look for him to cause a problem!

RBM: Finally, what is your prediction for the match? And do you foresee any shambolic own goals from one team?

Ha! Well I hope if there are any own goals they're all by you lot. As for the game, I'm going to predict that some tired legs go at it for 70 or so minutes before everyone subconsciously settling for a 0-0 draw. Which I think we'd gladly take to be honest given the last few games between us.