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Everton v Liverpool: Live FA Cup Semifinal GameThread

This is it folks. The most important match of the season so far. These are the types of games where legends are made. I hope Jelavic is listening because he has a great opportunity to do something special (or dare I say it, legendary?) with the type of momentum he has brought after joining the club.

A win here brings us closer to a Europe spot as well as vindication for two prior losses to the devil's team. A loss here and we start to question if Moyes will ever bring us silverware, as well as mass depression among the fans.

Liverpool has sort of been Kryptonite for Everton in recent history. Especially under Moyes, we have struggled to beat them. I don't know if it's nerves or if it's maybe an inferiority complex among the players but we just never look the same when we play the red shite. Hopefully, our great run of form and goal scoring prowess (never thought I'd say this) will propel us to the FA Cup finals.

I can not be any more cautiously optimistic. This seems like the best opportunity we've had in years to beat Liverpool. They are in one of their worst runs of form recently and we are in one of our best. If we can't beat them today, we may as well throw toss out our pride as well.

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