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Merseyside derby fan Q&A with Anfield Asylum

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With the Merseyside derby only hours away we crossed the Mersey divide and had a chat ( we were polite and everything) with Sam from SBNation's Liverpool blog Anfield Asylum about the upcoming match.

His answers can be found after the jump.....

RBM; With Saturday's loss to Sunderland, how important is it for Liverpool to get 3 points from this match with table beginning to tighten?

Well, for pride's sake you never want to lose the derby, or even draw it at Anfield. As for the table? That's pretty much shot, and I don't know that it matters. Liverpool have already qualified for the Europa League, and 4th place is gone after that stomach-punch to Arsenal and a complete no-show against Sunderland. While they may say the right things, at this point it doesn't really matter where Liverpool finish in the league. They certainly played like that on Saturday.

RBM: On Sunday, the phrase KennyOut was trending on Twitter. Are the complaints supporters have about Daglish justified? Or is it just fans being stupid?

Somewhere in the middle? I don't know how a lack of finishing can be blamed on Dalglish, he can't go out there and do it himself and that's been the biggest problem this season by far. Still, there's been some curious lineup choices, like the continued stressing of Charlie Adam when he's basically been an abortion for a couple of months now, as well as the shifting Jordan Henderson out right to make room for that. Henderson is promising, but just isn't useful on the right as he is through the middle. Andy Carroll was putting together a nice run of form, and then was inexplicably dropped for Arsenal and Sunderland to make room for Dirk Kuyt simply because Kuyt managed a goal in the League Cup Final (a chance he did his best to fuck up but Cardiff simply wouldn't let him). And considering how many league games Liverpool have biffed, and that they're moving backwards in the league from last season, it certainly is fair to ask some questions. But outright calling for his head? We're not there yet, but let's say there probably isn't a rest stop between where we are and there. He also can't do much about Lucas being out, and Lucas is just that important.

RBM; This past summer Liverpool were extremely active in the transfer market. Now that we are 2/3rds of the way through the season, how do those moves look right now?

I hated the Adam signing from the moment it was whispered, and I don't hate it any less now. The choice of him over either or both of Meireles or Aquilani could define the league season, and quite frankly I'd be happy to never see him again (he'll score against you now, just watch). Henderson, as I said, is young and unpolished but you can see where there could be a real player one day in there. He's creative and lively, and if he would just get more chances through the middle he could begin to blossom. Downing is what he's always been, a serviceable, non-descript left-winger who somehow keeps ending up on the right. He hasn't been great, all he does is make room for a cross when Liverpool have like one guy in the box. He's not quick, he's not all that shifty, but he hasn't been as awful as we sometimes pretend. But he's not a Champions League or top level side player.

RBM: What are some of the things Liverpool needs to do if they want to beat Everton on Tuesday?

Stick it in between the posts instead of everything else like a 15-year old boy.

RBM: What Liverpool players should Everton be the most concerned about?

Hard to say, no one's on a run of form right now. Suarez was great against Arsenal but couldn't finish, but then anonymous against Sunderland. In a big match though he could snap into life. I keep hoping Andy Carroll will snap into "fuck you" mode, and then he could be a problem. Of course, Gerrard is always capable of coming up with something out of nowhere, but you knew that already.

RBM; How does Everton need to attack Liverpool if they want to get 3 points today?

Find wherever Carragher is, and stick your best striker there. It's almost guaranteed to work. That said, without Agger Liverpool are going to be vulnerable to pace because neither Carra or Coates move all that well. Another thing to do is overburden Jay Spearing with players. He's not really a holding midfielder but has had to move there because no one else can fill in for Lucas.

RBM: Which players from Everton give you the biggest concern?

That Jelavic looked pretty tasty on Saturday. Cahill will scare him even after he's dead in 40 years or whatever.

RBM: As a fan, what are some of the things you will be looking at Liverpool to do well Tuesday?

Care, for one. Just score more than once, and have either of them not be an own goal. Really, that's it. Sure, I'd love to see Adam in the stands and Henderson through the middle with Carroll-Suarez-whoever in a 4-3-3 that Kenny hasn't tried enough, but I have very simple tastes these days.

RBM: Finally, what is your prediction for the match?

I don't think any team can score more than once or the Earth will open up. So 1-1 sounds about right.