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Q&A With Pie Eaters Footie

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This weekend Everton travels over to Wigan to take on the bottom dwellers of the EPL table. We had the chance to talk with the excellent SB Nation blog Pie Eaters Footie. They cover all things Wigan Athletic and provided us with some great insight into a plucky side that is gearing up for the long haul. Head on over there to check things out about Wigan, and also check out their answers to our question below.

RBM: With Wigan sitting in the drop zone, what exactly has gone wrong with the club this season?

PEF: Player performances, simple as. One week we can play brilliantly, the next poorly. We sometimes can score, while other times our defence is more leaky than the Titanic. I don’t know whether you can blame the coaching staff. They work really hard with the players, but at times they just aren’t playing well. Yet certain players are being played out of position or really shouldn’t be playing in a Premier League team. Ben Watson, Jordi Gomez and Steve Gohiri are the main culprits, yet we can’t blame them for all our mistakes.

What gets a lot of fans, is that Martinez had a system over Christmas which worked really well, getting us ten points out of nine games, yet now he has changed it. The team has fallen to bits and he wonders why.

RBM: Do you think Martinez should be allowed to see this season through as manager of Wigan? And also how much longer do you think he will last in charge of the club?

PEF: Yes he should be at the helm for years to come. He is growing in management, much like Wigan is growing in football. We still have a long journey ahead of the football club, its not just about our league status, but the infrastructure that the club has around it. Martinez isn’t looking at quick fixes he wants long term results. That is the kind of man I want managing my football team.
Yes we may go down this season, but we will be able to cope with the lesser financial situation, and more than likely will bounce straight back up and be strong for it.

RBM: Wigan has only won 3 games this season. What do they need to do to make this weekend their fourth victory?

PEF: Goals, if we score, then we should win. If we can start to put away the chances that Moses and now Beausejour can make, then we would have no problems. Yet it is our inability to finish teams off that hurts us most. We may manage to score, but then we can’t get that second goal. Its sometimes like watching a TV show. You can almost tell that Wigan aren’t going to score even if we keep the ball in the opponents half.

RBM: How has Wigan tried to play in the attack this season?

PEF: Different to every game. Our main outlet is through Moses. He gets the ball and runs with it taking about seven players on in the process. He is a real talent and I hope we can keep hold of him. Other than that, its a case of who gets there and can do it. Ronnie Stam has been fantastic getting forward, yet when you say that about your right back, it shows how poor the rest of our teams our. We have no real up front presence which scares defences, and it shows at times.

RBM: What aspects of Everton's play worry you as Wigan fan?

PEF: Drenthe, he starts, then really it could be game over for Wigan. We have really struggled this year with teams running at us. If you play physical we can cope with it. If you try and pass it round at us, we are fairly good with that. Yet if you get someone who is just going to knock the ball on and run past, our back line falls to pieces. Gareth Bale has done it twice against us this season.

RBM: What does Everton need to do to break down the Wigan defense?

PEF: Like i said above. Get your fast players on the ball, and if they run at our centre backs, they won’t have much to worry about. Gary Caldwell can’t keep up with fast players, and ususally the gap between our centre backs and full backs is big enough to fit three buses through. Just ask Daniel Sturridge.

RBM: Finally what is your prediction for the weekend's game?

PEF: Going for a cheeky 2-1 home win. With the fans behind the lads knowing they need the points, I think it will be a fight till the end, but Wigan will win this one