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Everton v Blackpool: Live GameThread (FA Cup)

I am not going to continue the Bizarro series because this is the FA Cup and it is an altogether different monster than the normal Premier League (which kind of makes it perfect for Bizarro world if you think about it).

But on to Blackpool. They were by far the most exciting club to watch last season, and are also the most exciting club in the Championship this season.

Hopefully, this will open up our attacking and we just don't sit back without the likes of Pienaar, Jelavic, and possibly Donovan.

Counter-attacking is key in this match mainly because Blackpool tend to leave themselves exposed while consistently attacking with everyone on the pitch. We need to adapt and actually push forward rather than wait for everyone to set back up on defense.

This is key. As is putting the ball in the back of their net. Hopefully, we can do this important thing that people call "scoring goals". Yes, it's a foreign phrase to me as well.

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