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Everton v Chelsea: Live DaerhtEmag (Bizarro Edition)

After countless hours (or minutes) of trying to figure out how to give an example of all the absurdity that surrounds Everton, I could come up with only one plausible example. Bizarro and his world, Htrea.

If you don't know about Bizarro, you can look him up here. The fact of the matter is, everything Everton does turns out to be the exact opposite of what any sane club would do. All our results should be different when you compare clubs in similar positions. We are just a bizarre club.

I will go through the specific similarities and overall weirdness between Everton and Bizarro in a feature later on this month, but for now I will try to use this theory to explain the Everton Chelsea match.

We will lose (or draw?). Well, you may say that this is a normal prediction right?

Ah contraire mon fraire. Everton usually overachieve against top tier teams. We also usually catch these teams by surprise. But what happened recently is that we are going on this weird unbeaten streak (I still refuse to believe this is happening due to all the outrage by the fans) so teams are actually not taking us for granted. This reverses the whole overachieve theory because our opponent thinks of us as a worthy adversary which in return makes us underachieve.

BIZARRO, right?

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