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ToffeeLinks 18/12/2012: Scrambling After Fellaini Ban

Most the news seem to be focusing on the ban, which we all already know about. So this ToffeeLinks will focus on the few pieces of news that don't talk about what happened and why Fellaini got the three match ban.

Jamie McDonald

But I will start off with this borderline ridiculous article in the Echo:

Ian Snodin: Everton's Marouane Fellaini was wrong at Stoke, but it’s time refs punished shirt pullers too - Liverpool Echo
"Marouane Fellaini will be punished for his actions at Stoke on Saturday. I have no problem with that, and judging by the prompt and sincere apology from Marouane to Ryan Shawcross I am sure he has no problem with that too."

-- I agree that Stoke defenders get away with a lot, but Snodin's proposal would just cause mayhem. The Premier League would become plain unwatchable.

Everton FC boss David Moyes wants me to have his eye for goal, says Phil Jagielka - Liverpool Echo
"David Moyes wants his international defender, Phil Jagielka, to follow his lead and start writing his name more regularly on the Everton scoresheet!"

Wolfsburg and Everton linked with a move for out-of-favor Sulejmani | Football
"According to De Telegraaf Wolfsburg and Everton have send their scouts to assess 24 year-old Ajax forward Miralem Sulejmani."

-- Don't know how much he would cost though. Even though he may be out-of-favor now, he was pretty expensive when he was brought to Ajax.