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An Update on the Everton Journey

And a poll!

Stu Forster

I wanted to give everyone a quick update on how things are coming along with the Everton Journey, the project that we introduced to you last week. In case you missed our first post and want the CliffsNotes version, we are attempting to reach Everton fans worldwide by sending a teddy bear emblazoned with the Everton crest on a journey around the globe. We've been busy recruiting participants for the project, and the response so far has been overwhelming.

Already, we have managed to confirm 25 stops on the tour, spanning nine countries and five continents. I have drawn up a (very) tentative schedule, so if you have already sent me an email check it out. However, keep in mind that this is (very, very, very) tentative, and is likely to change quite a bit between now and the time you actually get the bear. Keep checking the schedule as it is updated to follow the bear's progress and see what your current ETA is, and I'll also of course email you when your date is confirmed.

Another great resource to follow the Everton Journey is this Google map. It's a pretty cool visual and it includes every stop on the tour, so do yourself a favor and bookmark it.

If you've looked at the schedule, you'll notice that the project only runs through October 17. (As an aside, I determined the ETAs by budgeting ten days for a normal trip and fourteen days for an international trip. That could change as we go.) As our original goal was for the bear's journey to span an entire calendar year, we still need more volunteers! There are also sure to be at least a couple of people who have to drop out, so the more people we can recruit the better. Remember, if you would like to be a part of the Everton Journey, simply shoot me an email at seanswinney1 at

Any questions simply check out the original post, comment below, or email me.

Finally, one more item of business to take care of: the bear's name! There were a few ideas in the last post, and I've included them in the poll below (unavailable on mobile). Feel free to write-in your suggestion, too. Vote on the name (I'll leave the poll open for one week) and then we'll finally have something to call our little mascot besides "Bear to Be Named Later."