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ToffeeLinks 30/11/2012: An Upbeat Everton

Everyone seems to be upbeat on our chances against Manchester City this week.

Laurence Griffiths

I don't really know why, but everyone seems to be very upbeat on our chances tomorrow. We're back to our old ways where we just can't put the ball in the back of the net. Those types of teams usually don't win...

Leon Osman confident Everton FC can end run of draws - Liverpool Daily Post
"Midfielder Leon Osman admits Everton FC's run of draws has put a slight dampener on their flying start to the season, but remains confident they can find a solution to the stalemates."

-- What is he supposed to say, that we're screwed and we'll start getting worse?

Everton FC won’t be daunted by task of ending Manchester City’s unbeaten Etihad stadium run, says Tony Hibbert. - Chester Chronicle
"Tony Hibbert insists Everton will not be daunted by the task of ending Manchester City's mammoth unbeaten run at the Etihad Stadium."

-- Looks like everyone is upbeat this week.

Marouane Fellaini can get Everton to top-four finish, says Mikel Arteta | Football |
"Mikel Arteta has ranked Marouane Fellaini among the most potent midfielders around and believes he can sustain Everton's challenge for a top-four finish."

-- Everyone keeps telling us that we are good. But we keep drawing. What does it MEAN??

Why aren't Everton next in line for a Manchester City-style Sheikh-up? -
-- What an obvious article. This is for non-Everton fans perhaps.