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Fulham v Everton: Live GameThread

Everton try to get back to winning ways as they visit Craven Cottage. Join the Live GameThread!

I like these jerseys
I like these jerseys
Christopher Lee

I didn't know how "international" Fulham were until I got a chance to look at their squad. They only have three English players in their squad! Countries represented include Northern Ireland, Ireland, Australia, Norway, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Costa Rica, Greece, Mali, Columbia, Hungary, Iran, Senegal, Czech Republic, Germany, Wales, Sweden and Italy. Phew! That doesn't even include a Turkish player and Filipino player that are out on loan.

I guess all the international recruiting has worked because they have been in decent form, especially at home. Players that we probably have to keep an eye on (especially so Fulham don't start off the scoring) include their sharpshooter Dimitar Berbatov and the hard working Hugo Rodallega.

The key to this match will be Everton's back four. Mistakes by our back for will not end well today because of the quality of Fulham's strikers. If they somehow pull themselves together and play well, they I like our chances. If not, I can see another 2-2 draw.

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