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David Moyes Approval Rating - November 2012

Grade David Moyes on how he did with Everton in November 2012.

Worried? He should be.
Worried? He should be.
Jan Kruger

If David Moyes were in school he'd be speaking to his academic counselor pretty soon. His grade started up high but has been dropping steadily, and going by how Everton did in November, that score is going even lower. After a 3.42 (out of 4.0) in August, then a 3.49 in September, he dropped to 2.70 in October.

November hasn't been the best month for the Toffees, with Everton failing to take advantage of long periods of domination on the pitch and wasted chances being the order of the day. Again and again they were punished for defensive lapses, especially at setpieces.

Everton played five games in November - 2-2 at Fulham, a 2-1 home win against Sunderland, followed by a 2-1 loss at Reading, then a 1-1 tie at home against Norwich City, and another 1-1 draw against the visiting Arsenal to close out the month. That's a total of six points gained out of a possible fifteen.

Like before, here is your chance to grade David Moyes on his body of work for the month, consider his tactics, team selection, in-game adjustments and any other criterion where he has been involved. Please vote right here and we'll track his performance on a monthly basis as the season progresses.