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Osman Set For England Debut

Leon Osman is set to is make his debut for England as he is given a start in England's midfield.

Michael Regan

It has taken 11 seasons of professional football, but Leon Osman is finally set to feature for England, and will get to start to boot. Roy Hodgson has confirmed that Leon Osman will be in the starting lineup as England takes on Sweden in the final international match of the year.

Osman is set to join Spurs' Steven Caulker and Liverpool's Raheem Sterling in earning his first cap, as Hodgson has named a mix of experience and youth in this meaningless friendly.

Osman will be joined by team mate Leighton Baines in the starting lineup, and it wouldn't be a shock to see Phil Jagielka make an appearance as a substitute.

As for Osman, this is a debut that is richly deserved. The midfielder has played many roles in his time at Goodison. He has been forced to be the creator after the departure of Pienaar and Arteta, a defensive force with the loss of Fellaini, and even a goalscorer with some fantastic shots from outside the box.

Six years ago David Moyes hailed Osman for his spectacular play and offered the opinion that Osman deserved an England callup. Unfortunately in the world that is the English National Team, Osman's team was not performing well enough for him to be brought in. Thankfully Everton's form has finally warranted a callup for our favorite widow's peak.

Make sure you tune in tomorrow evening as Osman pulls on the England shirt. Maybe he will show us a moment of magic or two.