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David Moyes Approval Rating - October 2012

Grade David Moyes on how he did with Everton in October 2012.

Chris Brunskill

David Moyes' September rating was even better than his August one, going up to 3.49 from the previous 3.42 score. 87 readers gave him the 'Excellent' score, 62 had him at 'Good' while 8 thought he was 'Average'. Actually, one reader even thought he was 'Mediocre'.

October is now in the books and with the international break in the middle, Everton had just three games this month, albeit all of them against relegation fodder. It wasn't the best of months for the Blues though, with two away draws against Wigan Athletic and Queens Park Rangers followed by a home draw against Liverpool in the Merseyside Derby.

Like before, here is your chance to grade David Moyes on his body of work for the month, consider his tactics, team selection, in-game adjustments and any other criterion where he has been involved. Please vote right here and we'll track his performance on a monthly basis as the season progresses.