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Toffeelinks 30/10/2012: Stop Whining, Steven Gerrard!

Gerrard tries to compare Everton to Stoke and other news and links.

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Shut up, Gerrard!
Shut up, Gerrard!
Clive Brunskill

I could probably write pages on how annoying Liverpool, their players, their whining, and their fans are. I could probably also at least write a couple of pages on how ridiculous Gerrard's complaint that we played like Stoke are. But I'll keep it short:

Outside of our Centre Backs (who are supposed to be physical) and Marouane Fellaini, who is so physical and dominant on our team? Most of our players are undersized and skinny little kids! Our next most physical player is probably Phil Neville. You can re-read that last sentence if you'd like. He is probably our next most physical player. If you seriously are getting man-handled by these players then something is seriously wrong with your team, Gerrard.

He later went on to accuse Everton of not trying to play actual football. I don't think I need to go on any further on how ridiculous Gerrard sounds, but seriously Liverpool. Do you have to ALWAYS complain about EVERYTHING?

The Governor has something to say to Gerrard and the rest of Liverpool nation:

And on to the rest of the links:

Everton similar to Stoke - Gerrard - Yahoo! Eurosport UK
"Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard emerged from another controversial Merseyside derby dismissing Everton as "similar to Stoke"."

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard adds fuel to derby debate by claiming Everton are a long-ball side - Telegraph
"Liverpool and England captain Steven Gerrard has launched a stinging attack on Everton as a long-ball team who play like Stoke as the fallout to an acrimonious Merseyside derby continues."

-- Another, more in depth link.

Everton FC: Kevin Mirallas could be fit to face Fulham - Chester Chronicle
Great news. Mirallas' injury doesn't seem to be serious and he might even be able to play next week! Good news as once he went off injured, our attack looked completely toothless.

Marouane Fellaini admits he was not fully fit in Merseyside derby - but hopes to be back at his best against Fulham on Saturday. - Chester Chronicle
"Marouane Fellaini admits he was not fully fit in the Merseyside derby but hopes to be at his best in time to help Everton end their frustrating run of draws on Saturday."

-- He pretty much just confirmed what we had already known after watching him play Sunday.

What does Everton's winless October mean? | HITC Sport
"Everton side can contend with the North London duo based on what we have seen so far this season."