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Everton v Liverpool: Live Merseyside Derby GameThread

Everton host Liverpool for the home leg of the Merseyside Derby. Join us in today's GameThread to discuss and support the club as we take on the devil's team.

Scott Heavey

There are a couple of main points that can lead us to victory today. Obviously the main one is playing well, but other than that we need some things to go our way.

Moyes needs to man up and stop playing conservatively against Liverpool. It's like he gets nervous and starts doing weird things just as we play them.

Fellaini also needs to make his presence heard (given that he plays lots of minutes). Having no dominating presence in the center has really hurt us and we need Fellaini to do that instead of his intermittent disappearing act he sometimes does.

Next, someone has to take the creative torch from Pienaar. As you all know Pienaar has been suspended for the match because of the yellow card that should not have been given to him. This leaves a huge void in the creative department because it gives Baines no one to link up with. Some candidates include Mirallas, Coleman and Osman.

Finally, we need to connect on crosses. Even if we miss the dominant force in the middle and the creativity of Pienaar, we can still pull of a victory if we just connect on some crosses. As bad as our play can be, we can always cross dangerous balls into the penalty area. Problem is that most of our players don't really push into there (other than a striker). That usually leaves five defenders on one striker which turns into a cleared ball. Let's put some pressure on Liverpool and threaten goal a bit.

And outside of all this we also need the referee, Andre Marriner, to lay off the cards for a while. This is a physical derby and its important for him not to get too excited and card all of our players against the diving wizards of Liverpool.

This Liverpool domination of Everton needs to end and today seems like as good as any other to stop it.


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