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ToffeeLinks 02/10/2012: 2nd Place Sinks In

As 2nd place finally sinks in for the fans, the players are working hard to keep their positions and their form intact.

Alex Livesey - Getty Images

Tuesdays tend to be slow. Not much news really, but you can read Mike's excellent tactical analysis of the Southampton match here.

I think it's time to be less negative so we can just enjoy the ride in our form at the moment. Given that, there's not really much for me to rant about or complain about our impending demise. So folks, let's relish the 2nd place position we are in right now! We don't know how long it will last, but we sure do deserve it.

And now the links:

Leon Osman: It is a pleasure to be involved in Everton FC’s stylish run of form | Liverpool Echo
Looks like the players are having as much fun as the fans are with Everton's style of play at the moment. Osman is quick to point out that they aren't going to get carried away and are going to stay grounded.

Coleman determined to nail down Everton role |
Looks like Coleman and Mirallas have already formed quite a good partnership. They want to emulate what is happening on the left side. It's still early, but I like what I have seen so far.

Kennedy Thanks Everton Family |
"Winger caps first month at the Club with goal for Under-21s." -- If there's one thing that I hear over and over from new players, it's that the other players and the club itself always make the new guys feel right at home. We also hear a lot that players feel that they are part of a family here at Everton. This is what makes us different.

Education in brief: Everton football club's free school starts small | The Guardian
"Everton free school opens with just six pupils; Bolingbroke academy gets generous government funding; and plans to improve primary science assessment"

Police probing Hillsborough disaster smeared Everton FC fans to bolster their case against Liverpool FC supporters | Liverpool Echo
"Police investigating the Hillsborough disaster smeared Everton FC fans and the city of Liverpool in a bid to heap blame upon Liverpool FC supporters." -- Everything surrounding this tragedy is turning into a ridiculous, twilight zone-ish, circus act. Shame on the police and the investigators.