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ToffeeLinks 19/10/2012: QPR Looming

An crippled Everton squad gets ready for Sunday's match against QPR. These are their stories.

Is he a Nazi?
Is he a Nazi?
Clint Hughes

This weekend's match will be on Sunday, which means more waiting. But the good news is we start our coverage earlier. Bad news is it's more coverage for the match against QPR. I have really come to hate them quite a bit in the two years they have been in the top flight. They are just a very hate-able team.

Can we for once stop underachieving and finally capture three points when we are supposed to? I doubt it but that doesn't mean we can't hope.

On to the links today:

QPR’s Mark Bowen impressed by Everton’s defensive stablility | The Sport Review

QPR defender wary of Everton threat - Ealing Gazette
"Clint Hill admits QPR have got their work cut out against Everton at the weekend."

Everton Focus - Injuries force Moyes to consider midfield options
All stuff we already have talked about. But here's a link anyway.

Howard Kendall: Everton FC won’t want to fall foul of QPR back lash - Everton FC columnist Howard Kendall - Everton FC columnists - Everton FC - Liverpool Echo
The article states that Moyes will prepare Everton well so there won't be a letdown. History seems to tell us otherwise. Get ready for a dreadful showing and a painful draw...or worse.

Lazio hit by UEFA racism fine -
"Lazio has been given three days to appeal after being punished with $52,000 fine by UEFA for racist chanting." -- More fines for racism, this time by away fans.

Joleon Lescott wants England partnership with Phil Jagielka | Mail Online
"Joleon Lescott wants himself and Phil Jagielka to form England's new first-choice centre-back partnership after the end of the John Terry-Rio Ferdinand era."

Liverpool city icons immortalised in Everton Park bench - Liverpool Echo
"Visitors to Everton Park will now be able to sit next to Liverpools icons." -- This is how bare the Everton news realm is right now. I'm really reaching with this.