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ToffeeLinks 01/10/2012: Sky High Form...Sky High Expectations

As Everton continue their winning ways, expectations have gone sky high with some calling out for Champions League spots.

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Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I can go back to my regular negative Nancy self: We cant sustain this! Our squad doesn't have enough depth! We can't possibly contend for a Champions League spot with the little money we have spent!

Now that I've gotten that off my chest we can talk Everton news and links. Needless to say, expectations are sky high. People seem to be happy. All is well in the world. People are commenting on our form. Some people are even saying that we can make the Champions League.

The season is long. We have gone on good runs many times throughout the years. We have also gone on ice cold steaks (usually to begin the season) many times throughout the years. People need to keep calm. Moyes usually prepares the team well and keeps everyone grounded in these types of situations. Hopefully he can continue that trend. Remember Blackpool a couple of years ago? We don't want to end up like that (I know it's a ridiculous comparison, but still).

On to the links:

People are loving Mirallas at the moment. Almost every article is about how well we have played and how awesome Mirallas is. Just check these out:

Kevin Mirallas can give Everton FC another thrilling attacking outlet says Seamus Coleman | Liverpool Echo
"Seamus Coleman believes his partnership with Kevin Mirallas can give Everton FC another thrilling attacking outlet."

Kevin Mirallas is key to win over Southampton and Everton's heady rise | Football | The Guardian
"David Moyes says his new Belgian signing plus Nikica Jelavic have given second-placed Everton a greater scoring threat than ever before."

Magic of Everton's Kevin Mirallas adds to Moyes’ good mood - Telegraph

Everton winning admirers after flying start | Mail Online
"Mirallas helps to keep the Everton plaudits coming in for fine start"

Then we have the typical why Everton have started off so well and why everyone should have seen this coming articles:

Everton can finish in a Champions League spot: Martin Samuel | Mail Online
"As Everton peer down the table at many of their supposed betters, the only question David Moyes should be asking is: why not? Why can't Everton be playing Champions League football next season?"

Everton FC analysis: Blues add flair to their craft to bring hopes of special season at Goodison Park | Liverpool Echo

"The last time Everton FC gathered 13 points from their first six matches, they were masters of the smash and grab."--- This article not only compares us to the 2004 squad but also the 1984 squad! I think everyone needs to calm down a bit.

In other good news, the U-21's are actaully on a win streak and Everton are looking for some central midfielders for their woeful depth there.

Everton U21s v Bolton U21s |
Everton U-21s continue their good form after beating Bolton U-21s 5-2 with Gueye, Pennington, Kennedy, McAleny, and Duffy all getting on the board.

Wigan Athletic: Everton in for midfielder -
Looks like we are battling Liverpool to sign the 21-year-old central midfielder James McCarthy from Bolton.