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Finding Your Way Around the New Royal Blue Mersey

Having trouble finding where all of our sparkling content went? Read below to get the lowdown now that everyone has had some time to play around.

Stu Forster - Getty Images

We are now almost a week into the awesomeness that is SB Nation United, and since some of us, including writers, are just flat out confused, this is your one-stop guide to the new site.

Important things to remember, commenting stays the same. All of those shortcuts you like to use are still here, and the new layout makes it even easier to see who responds to whom in the threads. Also if you want to look at the blogs you are a part of, just head to the top of the site and look for the link on the right that says “My SB Nation” it even updates Facebook style so you know when your favorite sites update. Also if you want to look at any of SB Nations hundreds of blogs, just click the “View All 316 Blogs” on the right side of the top menu. But really why would you ever want to leave us?

First up is the Cover. The Cover is the fancy area at the top of the site that consists of 1-5 articles depending on how the editorial staff feels. For the most part we are going to have the 1 article at the top with the 3 articles just below it. That one article is either going to be the most recent piece published on the site, or something important we want to highlight such as a gamethread, or particularly impressive article. We have the ability to pin articles into all of the slots in the Cover. If you visit the site and the Cover looks just the same as it did before, make sure you scroll down the website.

Below the Cover is the River. The River is exactly the same as the old sight. Articles are posted in reverse chronological order, the only exception being stories that may be “pinned” to stay up in the cover. If you notice it even sways from side to side as boxes for fanshots, fanposts, latest news, and active sections are highlighted in boxes on the left and right sides of the site.

In between the Cover and River there is this fancy little menu bar with our mini logo and everything (Booze not included). This menu has some hidden gems such as the community tab for you to go to fanshots and fanposts, a list of all the sections on the website, the about us section, and the library.

Remember all those fancy widgets we had on the side with the upcoming schedule, recommended blog reading, and the history of Everton? You can find those under the library. Check back frequently as we continue to update all these areas.

Got any questions? Notice problems with the site? Just flat out don’t like something? Comment below and we will make sure to take a look. We forward all bugs onto SB Nation support as well as provide constructive feedback. The product team is already hard at work fixing bugs and making tweaks based on user feedback, so your voices shall be heard.

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