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David Moyes Approval Rating - September 2012

Grade David Moyes on how he did with Everton in September 2012.

Alex Livesey - Getty Images

Here we are again, another month done and Everton still continuing a rare good start to the Premier League season, up at the lofty heights of second place! After the August fixtures, we had 166 votes on how David Moyes was doing, and he scored what I would say is a pretty good 3.42 out of 4 grade. He had 76 people giving him an 'Excellent' ranking, 86 with 'Good' and 2 gave him an 'Average'.

For the month of September, there were some impressive performances in the Premier League that sandwiched a bad Carling Cup outing. Everton lost 2-0 in an uninspired game at West Bromwich Albion, and then watched as poor refereeing and abject defending allowed Newcastle United to tie a game 2-2. They bounced back to demolish Swansea City 3-0 and then promptly lost all brownie points losing 2-1 at Leeds United. In the last game of this month, they started dully but bounced back to trounce Southampton 3-1.

Like before, here is your chance to grade David Moyes on his body of work for the month, consider his tactics, team selection, in-game adjustments and any other criterion where he has been involved. Please vote right here and we'll track his performance on a monthly basis as the season progresses.