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Everton v Blackburn: Live GameThread

I don't even know what to say in these gamethreads anymore. It's the same situation every week and it is honestly making me very restless as a fan. We don't win any of the games we should.

This is a match we should win, but we probably won't. Knowing our luck, Yakubu will probably have a hat trick and destroy my soul in the process (Yakubu is suspended, which I forgot). I have conceded this much, so I'll just stop my whining and get on to more happy things...our injury report.

We have a lot of players still recovering from injuries. That list includes Jagielka, Osman, Rodwell, Hibbert, Coleman, Distin, and Barkley were all out last week and will probably be out this week. This, as you all probably have noticed, makes out squad very thin and makes our back line very vulnerable. If anyone gets injured, we pretty much have no one replace them

So let's all pray.

Match lineups will be up closer to match time.

As always, comment below.