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Everton Fall to Spurs as Injury Bug Strikes Again

Atkinson did not have the greatest game ever, what else is new
Atkinson did not have the greatest game ever, what else is new

Another game another disappointing performance from Everton as they managed to fall 2-0. The big news to come out of the game however will be the loss of Sylvian Distin due to injury. The Frenchman limped off injured with nearly 30 minutes to play, and Evertonians must hope he is not out for long. Shane Duffy made his EPL debut, and the youngster did quite well and gives the squad a glimmer of hope for the future even once Distin returns.

On the whole this was a typical performance from Everton. Early on we hung with Spurs, and Saha had a beautiful chance that he put wide of the far post. Unfortunately Aaron Lennon gave Spurs the lead after he confounded Leighton Baines and dragged a shot past an off-balance Tim Howard. This was the lowlight of Baines' day as he was completely off in his defensive duties, and did not provide a whole lot going forward. With 2 center backs injured, Baines needs to step up his defensive abilities along a backline that has not had the greatest of seasons.

Once again Saha did nothing. Not really much else to say there. Everyone knows the drill, he gets perfect positioning and then screws up the shot. The only question is when is Moyes going to let Vellios out of his doghouse and back onto the pitch. Without a change it really doesn't matter how many players we have fit, or who makes up our midfield.

Donovan and Heitinga both and solid outings, but it will take a lot more players stepping up for there to be any rise in quality from the team. Other than that there really isn't a whole lot else to say about this match. The only thing Evertonians can really do is sit tight, hope Moyes drops Saha for Vellios, and wait for the injury bug to clear up. Until next time COYB!