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ToffeeTunes: The Greatest Special Edition Ever (It's about the board and Bill Kenwright)

Bill Kenwright is a pimp. We just didn't know it all this time.
Bill Kenwright is a pimp. We just didn't know it all this time.

Earlier last week, when my Ipod was on shuffle, one particular song came on. The first person I thought of was Bill Kenwright. Before people get all defensive, I am not suggesting that he is stealing money. It would be funny (sad) if he was though, and this song fits perfectly with that.

The song as well as the lyrics that are posted are both not suitable for work. If you are also easily offended, I wouldn't continue.

To see the song and my take on the lyrics, hit the jump. You won't regret it.



I decided to use parentheses after each line to explain how it relates to Kenwright. The bold words are the actual lyrics.


Well if you're bind as Helen Keller                                        (you're in this instance is us, the fans)

You could see I'm David  Rockafella                                    (allusion to BK, or how he is really rich)

So much cash up in my bathroom is a ready teller          (you know, because he's stealing money from the club and all)

I'm outrageous, I work in stages, like syphilis                   (this is just creepy, even though The Coup don't mean stages in the literal form, BK works in stages...)

But no need for prophylactics


Keep my hoes in check no rebellions                                    (Yup, we're the hoes and there haven't been any rebellions yet...)

If your ass occur shit it wouldn't be the first time

I done make a massacre, nigga please how you figure these motherfuckers like me got stocks, bonds and securities.                                                                                   (Yes, no reason a dumb@$$ like BK is rich and can understand anything finance related)


The next part is all pretty self explanatory:

Welcome to my little pimp school

How you gonna beat me at this game I make the rules

Flash a little cash make you think you got class

But you really selling ass and how keep off my grass

Less you cutting it, see I'm running shit

Trick all y'all motherfuckers as simps

I'm just a pimp


If you just use a little imagination, you can connect all these lyrics to BK and the board's incompetence.