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ToffeeTunes: Back From Hiatus (for the RS)

I am very pumped about this Saturday. Usually, there is a feeling of anxiousness mixed in with a bit of fear. Before last year, the RS had been dominating us. Even though the RS have spent what seems to be a billion pounds on players, it seems that Everton aren't going in with their usual cautious/defensive approach and are actually going in for 3 points.

This Saturday, the RS will travel to Goodison to get their teeth knocked in. Merseyside Derby matches have seen the most red cards since the beginning of the Premier League, so you can bet that this is going to be a chippy match. In honor of that, I have chosen three songs that fit the current nature of what used to be "The Friendly Derby".

I hope John Heitinga gets some good playing time (as an enforcer).

Tunes after the jump.

Most of these songs are pretty self-explanatory. So i'll just get to it.

This is the pop song portion of this edition: Elton John - Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)




In this next song, the printer is a reference to the red shite. I thought to include the Office Space video to this instead of just the song (as there is no music video) because it better represented the situation.

My Rap song portion: Geto Boys - Still



And the last song is the rock portion: Sweet - Ballroom Blitz