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ToffeeLinks 8/8/2011: It's Baaacckkkk!

(This video has nothing to do with Toffeelinks coming back other than the fact that its title is "We're Back")


ToffeeLinks was on a short hiatus due to Everton having the most depressing off-season known to man. For my own mental well-being as well as the readers', we decided to recharge our batteries, shutdown the engines, and get ourselves back to neutral (yup, I just quoted Wedding Crashers).

So why have we brought back ToffeeLinks before the season has started? Because there is actually news and information other than Bily getting married and Coleman starting a cucumber farm so he can produce homemade pickles/gherkins (I made the second one up).

Without further ado, your links!

...after the jump that is.

Tottenham fear riots could affect Everton match | Mail Online
Tottenham must wait to hear if the club's Premier League kick-off at home to Everton on Saturday will be postponed after riots in the area. God damn rioters.

Everton FC's Tim Cahill says low expectations can be secret weapon - Liverpool Daily Post
I like the optimism, but wow is this article depressing. You know things are bad when players try to say that low expectations can be used as an advantage.

Everton's Marouane Fellaini insists he will be ready for Tottenham game -
Good news especially since Arteta and Coleman may still be injured. And speaking of that...

Winger to miss season's start | Everton - EatSleepSport
Looks like Coleman has sustained ankle ligament damage. We won't know the full extent of the injury until he gets further scans. This is much better than the broken leg that people initially thought it was, but it still means that he will probably miss the start of the season.

And we will end this article with the insane/inane.

Everton ready to swap Jack Rodwell for Spurs striker Peter Crouch -

David Moyes will make a dramatic late pound 10 million move for Tottenham striker Peter Crouch ; and could offer Jack Rodwell in a swap to land him.   --- If this had any truth to it I would just resign my fanhood and kill myself. Ridiculous.